What must an entrepreneur submit? 
An entrepreneur should complete the ASAP preliminary application and submit an electronic copy of a non-confidential business plan to our screening committee. 
  What type of ventures interest ASAP? 
The quality of the opportunity is more important than the type of venture. ASAP deals with high or low tech, new businesses to older expansion opportunities. 
  How long does it take to complete a funding? 
The time varies depending on the interest members have in the opportunity and the deal pipeline. Times can range from 3 to 9 months. 
  Who makes the ASAP investment decision? 
ASAP is a member driven organization. The ASAP members will vote on and individually fund any investment decision. 
  Will entrepreneurs make a presentation to ASAP? 
If the screening committee approves a business opportunity, the firm will be invited to make a 20 minute presentation at a forthcoming ASAP member meeting. 
  Does the entrepreneur pay any fees to ASAP? 
There is an application fee for all business plans that pass the screening review. There may also be expenses associated with the development of a deal and the final legal contracts. 


-Welcome Entrepreneurs -

Welcome Entrepreneurs:

Ariel Savannah Angel Partners seeks to review and evaluate prospective Angel investment opportunities. Entrepreneurs with solid start-up ideas, new products and/or market expansion plans should apply for a preliminary screening of their business plan. Those who pass the full screening process will be scheduled to make a presentation to the membership who will evaluate the plan and make a decision on the undertaking of a thorough due diligence study of the investment opportunity followed by an investment decision.

The first step in establishing a potential relationship with Ariel Savannah Angel Partners is to e-mail a non-confidential Executive Summary of your business plan to our screening committee.This is done by completing our application process with your identification and short business description. Please click on the application tab under entrepreneurs.

 If your opportunity meets our screening criteria you will be invited to submit a formal application. The application review may generate a request for more information and a screening interview. A limited number of screened companies are invited to make presentations at one of our membership meetings.

Companies whose presentation and clarity of investment opportunity meet the membership interests are evaluated by a member-led due diligence effort. Due Diligence is done using a set of proven criteria and best practices.

The results of the due diligence study will produce a recommendation on our investment interest and develop a term sheet for further negotiation. The membership will vote on the investment recommendation and collectively provide the funding for approved investments.

Ariel Savannah Angel Partners works cooperatively with invested companies to assist them in building and operating a successful business. We will provide opportunities for access to member resources and lend guidance, advice, participation, contacts, knowledge and expertise in support of company needs and requests. We will actively monitor company progress and support the needs for future growth funding and the progression to funding from established sources such as later rounds and/or venture capital firms.

Angel investors tend to be more proactively involved with the companies in which they invest.They often become cooperative partners in assuring the success of the business. Eventually the angel investors will seek an exit strategy moving the company into other funding programs and move the angel investors into supporting other ventures.

Please contact us via e-mail at info@savannahangelpartners.com for further information or to outline the potential of your business investment situation.





-Application Process -

Submitting your Business Plan

Please select the application tab under Entrepreneurs.  This will take you to a multi-page form that will provide space for entry of your identity, contact information, a personal login code and password and a description of your business.

This application process will allow you to submit prepared files in word, excell, powerpoint, pdf and other formats as attachments. These files and the overall descriptive inputs will be stored in our database and reviewed by the screening committee. If they approve your proposition the database access will be opened for our members to review your submissions.

You may use your login identity and password to submit updates and new infomation into our database.

Please note that we receive and review a significant number of plans.  Please excuse any latency in our response time.  Also please understand that we anticipate investing in less than 5% of the deals we review and avoid providing guidance on those we choose to pass on.   


-ASAP Benefits to Entrepreneurs -

ASAP Benefits to Entrepreneurs:

ASAP is a portential source of private equity investment capital  for a business that has a solid opportunity, a good business plan, sound management and a passion to succeed.

As an angel investment group we are committed to providing our investor members access to new iseas and business opportunities that generate the potential of significant returns with controlled risk.

ASAP provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to present their business plans and ideas to a group of accredited investors who are active in start-up investments and comfortable with the higher risks of new ventures.


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