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-Vision and Mission -

Vision and Mission


Vision ? We are a consortium of visionary, wise and mentoring angel investors who enhance the potential success of our investment portfolios by filling the investment gap between capital provided by the entrepreneur?s family and friends and by venture capital funds. Our objective is to provide capital, positive influence and active risk mitigation for worthy entrepreneurs and their new and early-stage ventures so vital to the growth of our Savannah, Statesboro, Swainsboro, Skidaway, Hilton Head and Augusta regional economy.  We leverage our money power by joining the national and regional systems of angel partnerships forming throughout the Southeast and the United States.

Mission ? Our mission is to support the entrepreneurial spirit, the investor spirit and the economic development of the Low Country:


 Entrepreneurial Spirit ? Cultivate, inspire, encourage and support the entrepreneurial spirit with wisdom and wealth so as to launch new ventures and to enhance the growth and expansion of successful companies.  Our wisdom offering will include investor network introductions, mentoring and coaching, emotional involvement, consulting, and assuming Board of Director positions and Advisory Board participations.


Investor Spirit - Provide investment, mentoring and camaraderie opportunities for our members in an environment that is visionary, meaningful, vibrant, active, creative, interesting, challenging, comfortable and integrated, and where excellent financial returns will be achieved.  We will seek specifically those investors who have the energy and a passion for the entrepreneur and the new venture; and for the exploration of new ideas, new technologies and innovations.


Economic Development - Support the economic engine and development of our region and the investment interests of our Angels.  We will target our investment distribution as follows:

          * Local Investments (Low Country)      50%    

          * Regional Investments (Southeast)       30%    

          * National Investments (USA)              20%                


Values ? The values we embrace include:


* Mindset ? We will support the values of hope, optimism, and clarity of thought and goals.


* Process ? We will practice the values of integrity, ethical behavior, honest communications, true spirit, appreciation for decision speed, candor and full disclosure, and KISS (?keep it simple, keep it smart?)





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