Welcome to the World of Angel Investing

Ariel Savannah Angel Partners (ASAP) is a member-driven organization composed of experienced business, medical, legal and educational professionals from a wide range of industries working together to review, analyze, and invest in early-stage high-growth potential companies.

 ASAP members are accredited individual investors who  actively participate in reviewing investment opportunities and work on member teams to conduct thorough due diligence on selected opportunities.

Our objectives are to improve member investment portfolios and financial returns relative to what an individual could accomplish working alone, to promote regional economic development in Georgia, South Carolina and the Southeast region, and to provide a satisfying professional, personal, and social experience.

We have a mix of retired, semi-retired, and presently working members, who share a track record of individual success and an energetic life-style and investment philosophy. Members are expected to contribute in different ways to suit their individual interests and time availabilities. Members can opt in or out of any deal depending on their personal interest, and can invest at any level in pre-determined funding increments.

The vision is to build a robust multi-talented organization and a way to facilitate capital formation across a wide range of experienced, talented angel investors and would-be angels.

 Ariel Savannah is named after the angel who watches over North America as well as a famous tea clipper ship. We are members of the Angel Capital Association and the Southeast Regional Network of Angel Investment Groups.


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